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Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
government protesters earlier today. thousands turned out despite a ban on protests to demand early election. they want president victory on congress to step down after he rejected a trade pact with the european union in favor of improving ties with russia. sunday saw the biggest demonstration in kyiv in almost a decade. more than a hundred thousand people gathered for a peaceful rally and independence plan. in front of the president's office the protests escalated in the often did. a group of young people in moscow and didn't it. instead they turn tried to break through police lines. riot police responded that it gets and the students to drop them back the opposition denounced the violence saying it was an attempt by the government to prevent distinctive an agency this made him wait independence square just like mary kate and a ban on protests name. mainly in the john scott the violent discursive practices on saturday morning the government to be fair we want the authorities to be for the people insist on eating them. we want to make sure what happened saturday night when the skin that does
Dec 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
vote as early as tomorrow. if the measure passes it would clear the way for new elections. the number left hand and i have on the line of cars find one i cut it close and independence crap like it's been in need of repairs as night is not one and at what is really the situation oh and i put one hundred people as well the government but that can occur when a kid like that he looks at them that they keep on coming out of whack actually it's two am what i particularly care for me to have faith. actually quite that you are cheerful we've got nowhere to be seen they would call it at my gun. for now at least look at it that i like to think it's a situation student wellness what do you see in london in the coming days. like the fact that other people at the end of the weekend the trip that i'm bigger than them. that could become more radical and actually it's because the political convention that he be spent the report that the private company to get. they kept driving. elliott get a copy i actually planned it that will happen in a ukrainian that the cake they want. they want change the whol
Dec 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
to seeing his wife. elected democrats have a new leader. at their special party conference in berlin, 79% of delegates supported the head. the former leader step down after the party received only 4.8% of the vote in september's general election. that was below the five percent required week hired -- for parliamentary representation. one of germany's most for stages prizes -- most prestigious prizes has been awarded. at a ceremony, the 66-year-old belgian was awarded the prize for cap to be shin-soo choo european unity, honored as a mediator and consensus builder. as he was awarded the prize for consensus holding and european unity. sports now and the latest bundesliga news. day, byron munich lay down an impressive marker to the chasing pack. inspired play. the frenchman created two goals and scored twice to lead the route. the victory meant that iran has now gone 40 league game -- byron munich has now gone 40 league games without defeat. the rest of the results look like this. 4-2.gart won frankfurt lost at home. on sunday, there will be a match in berlin. friday evening, nÜrnberg play
Dec 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
against elections are scheduled for next month. he was two years coming to you on the danube. initial take on the coming of the desperate situation for refugees from cbs as soon as the middle to low and protests in thailand as the country prepares to celebrate the king's birthday tuesday. the rule. do. for it the eye. as winter sets in the refugees from serious civil war are continuing to make their way into neighboring country. we are heading to a scandinavian countries like turkey and lebanon. these council or did he pull the strings and desperately content the governments of those countries has increased their calls for more international help and for europe to open its doors to those seeking refuge. the cover goss refugee camp in the kurdish part of iraq is home to almost ten thousand syrian refugees. overall more than two million people fleeing the conflict and syria have found refuge in iraq lebanon jordan turkey and egypt amnesty international says these countries the massive international support. in the dung on bicycle. we need eagerly been evident for example. taking an eight und
Dec 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
elected to stand there as their new leader. other special party conference in berlin seventy nine percent of delegates supported the head of the ftp in the state of north rhine westphalia. your places former leader philip russell had to step down after the party received only four point eight percent about in september's general election that was below the five percent threshold required for parliamentary representation. one of germany's most stitches prizes for seventeen games matt has gone to european council president had on rum fight. the ceremony in auckland a sixty six year old belgian was awarded the charlemagne prize for contributions european unity he was honored as a mediator and consensus builder from point a former belgian prime minister has been in the eu post since two thousand night these courts now and the latest bundesliga news third placed our men are currently hosting a second place labour prison. earlier in the day. table toppers i am uniquely down an impressive mark or the chasing pack. they stress better brain and seven a long way. thanks to an inspired strong commun
Dec 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
republics. here in siena, several thousand citizens were eligible for election to the governing bodies which met down there in the palazzo publica. and in the palazzo, there is a fresco painted in the 1340s which encapsulates their faith in the secular arts of government, in the moderating power of reason in human society. it's called the effects of good government. this marvous fresco, painted by ambrogio lorenzetti, was the first panoramic landscape on this scale in western art. the peasants bringing their produce from the countryside, the merchants going about their business, the elegant ladies of leisure, all are fused into an idealized image of the well-governed city-state. eight years later, the black death devastated siena. it killed the artist lorenzetti and half the population of europe. it was the greatest catastrophe in the modern history of the west. but surprisingly, for some regions, the plague was a springboard for economic growth. [bells ringing] for the survivors, there were new opportunities. florence recovered particularly quickly. by 1400, this was the city-state that dom
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am PST
of germany, there was no topping their match. >> the heavy, wet snow couldn't dampen the election. in the fifth minute, they headed in to make it 1-0. his effort aided by a slippery ball that got away from the keeper. minds just couldn't come into its own and squandered the few chances they managed to create. nuremberg was clearly in control, but failed to put the game out of reach. after the break, he found his footing. he captured a long pass, equalizer in the 75th minute. and then the chipper had the golden opportunity to put them in the lead. they were happy to leave town with a point, and in your he will berle will have to do better after the winter break. >> and bayern munich are threatening to paul way. that makes saturday's clash etween all the more crucial. a win will go a long way to cementing their place as title challenger. >> winter has arrived, but despite the chilly temperatures, the team and its fans are basking in the warm glow of success. now the coach faces a major challenge. defending second place in the standings. >> there's alza lot of spirit. >> our job will
Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
be a broadcaster to see the full once again the best ones to sit out the minds of the opposition are snap elections it doesn't seem as if he wants to go back and also people see it here. that said indiana call that says absence the police might crack down the protest once too often enough to attend private school. no was his hands full responsibility say that i wasn't and said sorry and all slack seek the offences as they act didn't understand what's happening at the end of the human should be fun as the comedy because he went on to say that to get their act and where it's legal. and that's great that we wouldn't have any meat on the tee that they would in fact the minority my mind. they must adapt to it. move over to the protest movement thailand's now with the government has ordered police to stand down raising hopes that the days of political violence may be coming to an end but this is close to st anthony and retrieve them and the squabbling is expected to come back in the coming days with that of the king's birthday on test day. judges insist that they will not give up till prime minister he w
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
the snowstorm. deputy prime minister said the arkansas has not ruled out fresh elections the protesters are unlikely to be persuaded by state wages. they vow to stay put until the government has resigned. during chunky in my car's hundred and nine michael was a change in the dynamic aptitude test and today. today it was at quite calm on my guns away on this grant independence to just behind me and as usual as to what's preventing delay so that gets them all people live streaming and that actual trend of people from kiev the middle class people who joined in the eye during the day maybe go about their daily business during the day at sea them mainly working class people he said people who dropped everything and every chance that outside the sec's even to come here and they tell me that actually find them at seventeen survival that they are without jobs without hats with a bit and that's why they have that come to kiev to think of my journey the us and other western nations helping the situation people are taking to the streets in kiev. it was sir sydney at the very sense of confidence sa
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
, the short-term world, all of us and our elected officials find it hard to turn away from the plight of those whose jobs are threatened by competition from abroad, no matter how fair that competition. for "economics usa" this is david schoumacher. annenberg media ♪ annenberg media ♪ gold was the standard agait which most of the world valued its currency. why would the united states break from the gold standard in 1933? in 1944, world leaders designed a blueprint for a new international monetary order, a plan dependent upon the strength of the american dollar. what led to the collapse of the heralded bretton woods agreements?
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10